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League of Enchantment, Michigan

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Our Mission

The League of Enchantment is a 501c3 Nonprofit with the mission to work together with local hospitals, Make A Wish, and community organizations and events to bring hope and smiles to kids, and kids at heart.  Whether it is a smile, hug, photo, or a simple conversation with a child, we are here to make a difference in their lives all through the power of cosplay.

How we got started

We started The League of Enchantment after visiting a little boy with a terminal disease.  Meeting him and seeing how he reacted to seeing his favorite characters in real life made a lasting impression.  His smile could light up any room he was in; his parents told us they had not seen him smile the way he did when seeing us in a long time.

We grew attached to him and his family, made regular home visits in full costumes, and saw what we could do for that family and for the little boy in the moments we were there.  Letting him escape his pain for a bit, and just smile.  We want to be able to provide that escape for as many children as possible.


To do so, we knew we were going to need help.  Thus The League of Enchantment was born with close friends.  In the time that we have been operating it has grown farther than our expectations and we are looking forward to meeting more children and families to bring some magic into their lives.

League of Enchantment Founders,

Brittney and Dominik

Meet the Board

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League of Enchantment President, Shamus, as Batman
Shamus - President
League of Enchantment Vice President Brittney as Wonder Woman
Brittney - VP
League of Enchantment Treasurer Katie as Wonder Woman
Katie - Treasurer
League of Enchantment Secretary Candy, as Harley Quinn
Candy - Secretary
League of Enchantment Board Member Peter as Peter B Parker Spiderman with the League of Enhantment Shield
League of Enchantment Board member Samantha as Captain Planet
League of Enchantment Board Member Grant as Batman

Meet the Team Leaders

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League of Enchantment Team Leader Danielle as Harley Quinn