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Videos and Interviews

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Our very own Batman was featured on USA Today, watch the video below to learn more about why he becomes the Dark Night.

Introducing the League

We promised our board members would get pied in the face if we hit 1,000 likes on our Facebook!

Tribute to this little superhero's fight. Read more here: Tiny Superheros - Bella

We spared NO expense making this thrilling trailer while at the Jurassic World opener at Celebration Cinema! Special thanks to Jason Kolokithas for putting it together.

Find out why the man behind this mask identifies with the superhero so personally.

Radio Interview with In Contact Lansing

Batman (Shamus) and Wonder Woman (Katie) talk about their experience in the League of Enchantment, as well as their life outside the tights.

In Contact Interview - League of Enchantment
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