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Forgiving himself was this superhero’s toughest fight

Shamus gearing up
Picture by Nick King/Lansing State Journal

"This is a story about a boy and the superheroes he loves.

While that may sound ordinary, it’s not. The boy, Vincent Gentile of Delta Township, was diagnosed with an aggressive form of eye cancer three days after his mother noticed a white glow in his eye while taking his photo. He was 3. It was his first day of preschool.

Vincent’s superheroes aren’t your run-of-the mill kid fantasies either.

In fact, they showed up live for his fifth birthday party. Cosplayers dressed as Batman, Wonder Woman, Captain America, Spider-Man, Robin, Red Hood and the Scarlet Witch attended in full superhero costumes.

They’re all part of a new group called the League of Enchantment. The League formed last fall, when several friends who liked to portray Disneyesque princesses joined Smith and others who portray Marvel and D.C. comics superheroes. It just received its nonprofit status."

Read the full story here

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