The League of Enchantment Chicago

The dream of growing beyond the border of Michigan was always in the minds of many league members. However this could not happen without like minded individuals who want to assist in this. Luck would shine upon us and lead a few cosplayers from the Chicago area to contact us. Out of that contact it lead into discussions and the realization that expansion could happen! So take a moment and meet the leads of L.O.E Chicago.


Grant Paplauskas

Grant has been cosplaying Thor since the fall of 2019, portraying the mighty Avenger in effort to bring smiles to children of all ages. Motivated by his own memories of meeting his favorite superhero as a child, Grant now works to provide those experiences wherever and whenever possible.

Stationed in the Chicagoland area, Grant is working to establish and build a branch of the League in Chicago and is eager to strengthen our mission with his involvement. 

Jen Watson

Jen has been telling stories for as long as she can remember, and dressing up as her favorite characters for only slightly less time than that. In 2018 she began cosplaying for charity events as Captain Marvel, and since then, her mission has been to bring her heroes out of their stories and into reality, where she can pass on the inspiration and empowerment that they've given her. She joined the League in 2021 as one of the first members of the Chicago branch, and is very excited to be a part of this exciting new chapter of the organization.